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Certified Services is a full-service commercial cleaning company that provides Facilities, Home Owner’s Associations, and Commercial Locations with professional cleaning support. Facility Cleaning and Maintenance, Pressure Cleaning, Painting, Parking Lot Striping, Pothole Repair, Landscaping, Pest Control, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, 24 Hour Emergency Water Removal, and Grout & Tile Cleaning are just a few services we offer. We also have a network of professionals that can assist you with any other cleaning needs.


As a Facility Manager, Home Owner’s Association Board Member, or a Commercial IMG_0035Property Manager, two main concerns are Safety & Cost. These are critical issues as you must serve your clients, home owners, and business owners, to ensure that their space is clean and safe. Secondly, cost containment is key. Maintaining an elevated level of service while keeping costs in check is goal of any manager. 

Safety is an important aspect to anyone managing a Commercial location or a location where there is a lot of traffic. Keeping a walkway clean and free for debris for example, can potentially lower the risk of a slip and fall accident on your property. Certified Services has the experience and knowledge to identify potential hazards and implement a plan to reduce these types of risks.

Cost is another variable that cannot be overlooked. Certified Services offers a full line of professional cleaning options with price points that are in line with any budget.

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Certified Services holds the solution to both of these important challenges. For the past 30 years Certified Services has served Central Florida both on the Residential and Commercial side. We have a long track record of serving the community with professionalism and integrity.

We have invested in our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment so that we are able to continue providing the highest quality of service of which our customers have come to expect and trust. We are available for regular cleaning contracts, special events and for emergency situations. Our staff is professionally trained to work around your schedule so that there are minimal disruptions to your normal daily routine.

Contact us today to find out how our services can help you to serve your clients and not break your budget!

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